Short Stories

I have always had a love for writing and world building. So what better way to express it than to put down some stream of consciousness storytelling? On this page you will find my small collection of short stories, mostly written from some inspiring piece of artwork. Please feel free to comment on my work, and let me know what you think!

Unless otherwise specified, all of the works here are intentionally unedited first drafts. They are experiments in my creative process, in an attempt to built something from a simple source without too much thinking.


The dry stream side reeds brushed against my slacks as I came to a stop before Lyurio Creek. The sound of the rocks crunching beneath my feet drowned by the drone of the rushing water, I stood and looked out towards the Al Niar mountains… — 2013


I had to hurry if I was to make it on time. The chapel was at the dead centre of the city, and I was dead not even close to the outer walls yet. My escapade with the lake brownies had pushed the evening off the deep end… — 2013

The Crowd

Looking down on the earth can be done from a number of angles. The view can be a beautiful sphere scape of blue, white and brown when admired from space. Larger than life, and an intimidating fall, from the stratosphere… — 2013

A Day of notSchool

Backwoods stood silently in the early morning air, and as the sun began it’s slow ascension from below the horizon line the cool mist began to slowly drift up and away. — 2009