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Graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver with a Diploma in Visual and Game Programming in 2014.About Me - Personal Photo

I am Adam Bryant, a lover of music, books, nature, games and science; a world builder, writer, composer, hiker, gamer and collector of digital music. When encountering some of these in conversations, you may find I will get somewhat passionate about the topics, which may be followed by a deluge of unchannelled inspiration. Having grown up on the west coast of Canada, some of my most creative and productive thinking is done while walking in the rainforest. I enjoy the challenge of both translating those ideas into words and representing them as a coded project. My current focus is Distributed Systems and Networking.

Logo - Ragnarok Online
A very important phase in my life, which has brought me to where I am, was during the time I spent in the Ragnarok Online private server community. Generally growing bored of just playing the game, I spent most of my time assisting other players, or playing with new players for a few hours to help them get their bearings. Through my time and effort I was eventually promoted from player to Game Manager, as well as Forum Moderator and Administrator on a few servers. This brought on the idea that I would love to be involved with video games when I left high school.

Somewhere inside the time of my virtual life, real life knocked on the door and demanded that I get a real job. As an elementary school student I had attended a camp, taught by two high school students, in which I learned the basics of computer technology, windows, and web design. I applied for the camp’s teaching position, was interviewed and hired. Teaching the kids the fundamental concepts and skills I had learned at their age was very fulfilling and exciting!

Logo - Mortal OnlineIn early 2010 I was recruited to be a community moderator at Star Vault‘s Mortal Online MMORPG forum. This was my first professional volunteer position with a games company, as I was required to sign and email an NDA to Star Vault. I maintained order through professional and level headed discussion as a forum and IRC moderator for just over a year and a half. It was a very fun and educational experience in the world of community management.

The fall of 2010 saw me applying to Simon Fraser University, into the Computing Science Degree program. I was admitted with the SFU Community Scholarship, granted to me by an essay written about my volunteering contributions in my community.

Logo - Flash Flash Revolution 2In 2011, I was offered a minor volunteer development and design role at the rhythm gaming community of Flash Flash Revolution. I worked mainly on minor PHP work, and on occasion assisted with flash debugging. Later on, I was brought into a bigger development project of recreating the entire game from the ground up. The main developer and myself worked on two separate iterations of the game, which were later replaced by a third iteration which you can play on the website!

Logo - The Art InstituteIn July 2012, I started the Visual & Game Programming diploma program at the Art Institute of Vancouver. I quickly polished the programming skills I had gained at Simon Fraser University, and got along well with both my teachers and fellow students. I continually put in my best effort, and aspired to outperform and outlearn all of my classmates. As a result of my continued effort throughout the course, I led the charge alongside my friend and fellow programmer, Michael. I graduated with very high grades, a vast collection of new friends and peers, and a solid knowledge base to kick start my programming career.

A few months into my program at the Art Institute I returned to the active FFR team, as I had taken temporary leave in order to focus on my new schooling endeavour. This time I was assigned the role of Junior Systems Administrator and given far more responsibilities. I later assumed the role of System Administrator, after being tutored for the role by the previous one, and now co-manage the staff–with major input and assistance from the other administrators.

Logo - The CompanyFrom December 2011 to February 2013, I worked as a linguistic quality assurance volunteer at a scanalation and translation group called The Company. The team was responsible for the translation and presentation of numerous Korean web-comics, including Kubera and Tower of God.


[eonaltar logo]For 11 months, August 2014 through July 2015, I worked as a Junior Programmer at the independent games studio Flying Helmet Games, where I was the UI developer on the project Eon Altar. My very first job out of school, working as the sole user interface programmer was an incredible experience and a huge challenge. I created both a mobile and desktop UI for the game with a wonderful user experience designer co-worker. We iterated together with the designers of the game to produce the intuitive interface the game has today. The game is out, in early access, on Steam.

[SkyboxLabs Logo]In the fall of 2015 I was hired at Skybox Labs as a Junior Software Engineer, a fantastic company responsible for, among other games, TASTEE: Lethal Tactics and the remastered Age of Empires II HD.